These two videos should be watched by every parent, every wanna be parent and every taxpayer.

From the Government of Alberta:   

From The Economist:

Our current education and human service delivery system is based on the regressive philosophical belief that humans are inherently bad and will do the worst given the chance.  I believe we are moving to an integrated human development system based on the progressive philosophical belief that humans are inherently nothing.  Humans are neither good nor bad, but rather use the current state of their brain in reacting to the conditions and circumstances around them and then act accordingly.  The worse their circumstances and conditions (negative effects of trauma, poverty, hunger, scarcity, lack of education etc.), the worse the condition of their brain and the worse they behave.  The better their circumstances and conditions, the better the condition of their brain, the better they behave. 

Up until very recently there was absolutely no evidence to prove whether humans were inherently good or bad.  With the invention of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the 90’s, the science of neuroplasticity is increasing our knowledge of the brain exponentially with fantastic new discoveries every day.  There is growing evidence we can train and retrain our brain.

This knowledge will shift how we raise our children and deliver human services similar to what happened to travel when we moved from believing the earth was flat to knowing it was round based on the evidence.