Imagine a decision making body that is the statistical mirror image of the voting population – 50% women and a representative percentage of age groups, minorities, occupations, levels of wealth, religious and non-religious beliefs and political views. Use the same fitness and eligibility rules as jury selection.

Now imagine that body is tasked with reviewing all legislation put forward by the elected body or bodies. The randomly selected members would hear evidence from scientific experts as well as input from other directly affected parties. The demarchic body could approve the bill with a simple 50% + 1 majority.

Non-approved bills would be returned with recommended improvements that would allow the demarchic body to approve it. An impasse would be resolved by a second and final demarchic vote requiring a 60% majority. Failing that threshold the elected body would be free to pass the controversial legislation. If the 60% threshold is achieved, the elected body would have to go back to work on the bill.