The history of the world is a progressive triumph of the right.  The right side of history belongs to those who value justice above all.  All tyrannies including today’s eventually fall to be replaced by a better society extending justice to greater numbers of citizens.  Today’s tyranny will be replaced and so shall its replacement but take comfort in knowing that justice will eventually come to every human on earth.  On that day and only on that day, will we be ready to explore the universe.  Separate we go fast, together we go far.  Evil’s victories are spectacular, fleeting and hollow but justice endures.


When John F. Kennedy stopped wearing hats he set a trend such that today men no longer wear hats for business. I hoped Barack Obama would stop wearing ties but he didn’t. So I am starting a new trend by not wearing ties (even to formal occasions) and I hope the world follows suit. After all, the tie was originally invented to clean one’s face and we have much improved our personal hygiene and surely don’t need ties any longer.

There is a continuum in organizing our economic affairs from total sharing on the left to total personal greed on the right. Out of 250,000 years of human existence, 93% of the time we relied on total sharing to survive. Our brains are hard wired to share but unfortunately some among us work hard to overcome that. Starting in Africa humans grew in numbers and over population pressure created a need to explore new lands. Gradually most of the liveable earth was reached by humans about 25,000 years ago. Without exploration to easily solve their need for food, humans were now forced to think about new ways to grow food. Lack of exploration opportunity and continuing population pressure led to the growth of agriculture around the world about 13,000 years ago. Surplus became a by-product of this new development. With the creation of surplus, humans no longer depended on each other and personal greed could develop. Around this time and not coincidently, humanity invented religion. Surplus created the need for religion. Since then, the rich, politicians, the elite and religious leaders (all males) have all been intricately connected, each depending on the other. With human created global warming we are nearing the end of the era of personal greed as we have created the possibility that the earth will no longer support us. For example it could become too hot for our survival. Due to our mistakes the climate will very likely become uninhabitable and humanity will be forced to seek out a new home or perish. But personal greed will not get us off this planet. Our current state of knowledge and technology is the direct result of the expansion of education first to women and then to the masses where we have tapped the widest possible gene pool for its collective genius. Until then only that very same group mentioned before – males, rich, elites, politicians, religious leaders and their children – had access to education. But we have only accomplished the expansion of education in the developed nations and even then not to all. And now in the last 40 years we are going backwards and fewer and fewer people are getting educated. In order to find the solutions needed to get us off this possibly doomed planet, we have no choice but to tap the entire gene pool of humanity everywhere. That is our great common goal, not the pursuit of individual happiness with its inherent greed and inane worship of “great men,” sports heroes, movie stars and celebrities. The forces of greed have dominated the last 40 years and reversed the incredible gains made under the New Deal from 1945 to 1980. But as Martin Luther King said, “The arc of history bends toward justice.”

fMRI science is only about 20 years old. This is the best site I have found that integrates cutting edge science of the brain including neuroplasticity into hopeful action for addictions and other mental illnesses:

Self disclosure.  I fought severe anxiety disorder for my entire adult life.  I nearly gave up the fight when I dropped into a deep depression 3 years ago.  Thanks to modern psychiatry, medicine, mindfulness therapy, meditation, yoga and a host of self help strategies I have been steadily recovering to the point where I can once a gain hold a job and function normally.  At this point there is no “cure” or quick fix for mental illness.  I can say that I have not suffered any anxiety at all since my recovery started 2 years ago so perhaps that might be cured.  The fight against depression is daily and so far I am winning.

Cutting edge science is shedding new light on mental illness and I might live to see a “cure” yet.

This is very exciting news for anyone with a mental health issue and those who want to prevent it (that would be everyone I would think).  The full extent of possibilities is not yet known but one can immediately see lots of potential in a field where the top practitioners admit to knowing very little about what they do and where treatment is almost 100% trial and error.

For more read this article:

The field of neuroscience has implications for our notions about free will which is also being challenged by cutting edge research using brain scans that show activity in the brain before the conscious thought occurs. 

 Check it out:

We might all want to stop being judgmental and start showing more compassion for others now before science proves what fools we have been.

I KNOW god and it is love. There are an estimated 40,000 separate religious denominations each believing they are the one true faith. That makes 39,999 of them wrong. There is only one scientific method so I think I will stick with that. Unlike religious folks, I will believe what I believe to be true right up to when presented with evidence it is not.

…NOT the root of all evil. Lack of money is. Poverty costs. Its time to eliminate poverty.